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Augmented reality in education

Augmented Reality (AR) adds a new wow factor to a number of different sectors and has true potential in eduction. AR super imposes a graphic, video or auto onto the real time environment. AR systems superimpose graphics for every perspective and adjust to every movement of the user.Augmented realty is widely used in the retail sector at present and is the future of advertising and has great potential in education.

I have used a lot of AR Web tools to date all of which are free and have an excellent impact on student enjoyment, engagement and most importantly, learning. The AR sites that I have found to be most useful and provide a big impact on student engagement and learning can be seen below.

Anti Smoking: AR Lungs

Biology: Organs

This can be seen in action in the short video below.

I would love to here how you are using AR in your classroom. Please leave a comment with any suggestions or websites that you are using. Thank you!

Gavin Smart’s presentation @ #tmclevedon – 21st October 2011

TeachMeets have really kicked off at Clevedon school over the past couple of years and I am really pleased to have presented at the last two. I attended the first TeachMeet at Clevedon and was truly inspired to try something new and also left the meeting wanting to present.

I am in the process of organising an internal TeachMeet in the next couple of weeks and all going well, I wish to organise a larger event at Priory Community School in the New Year.

I strongly feel that good ideas should be shared so that all teachers can learn from each other. All ideas demonstrate tried and tested ways of engaging students, inspiring learners an developing teaching and learning.

I have included the videos that I used during the presentation.

Below is the link to my presentation from the last TeachMeet.

TeachMeet 20th October

I will be blogging in depth about the sites, apps and ideas that I presented at a later date.

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