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TIM RYLANDS Using ICT to Inspire at #SWGFL11 @timrylands

Tim Rylands seminar at the SWGFL conference was a truly invigorating, inspiring and engaging journey through a range of ideas to use ICT in the classroom to inspire the learners and to make the learning journey more engaging, enjoyable and most importantly inspiring. The seminar focused on a range of Web2 tools and software (most of it FREE), hand-held devices, games and more.

 The seminar started virtually the day before with a request from @timrylands for anybody attending to bring a smart phone lighter.  All will come apparent later on.

This set a little bit of awe and wonder about the treats that may be in store for the enthusiastic and optimistic delegates who had been waiting all day for the last of the seminar sessions. So much excitement boiled over at one stage when @ICTEvangelist rushed to the front of the seminar room to proudly occupy the front row. After a slight delay (due to technical difficulties) the seminar kicked off. I can honestly say that good (outstanding) things come to those who wait!

Tim started with an excellent but amazing under estimated use of ICT, a blog with all the links to every website that he used in his presentation! Gone are the days of pen and paper, especially at an ICT conference. The delegates were equipped with (virtual) lighters and iPads ready to be enthused.

Tim stressed that ‘Fascination is a tool that can be easily neglected. This digital world, when mixed with the analogue, brings such potential for communication.’

‘Technology is not the only answer… but, it does open up some remarkable opportunities, to extend teaching and learning styles.’

This feeling towards the potential that technology in the classroom has was shared by all delegates and all left inspired, enthusiastic and landed back at school the following day clutching a number of new exciting ways to inspire learners.

The talk finished with a sing along to one of Tim’s greatest hits. Virtual lighters at the ready, Tim played a live electronic tune that was made very easily online and could be an idea for the classroom. iPhones and iPads aloft we all swayed to the rhythm of the chart topping hit!

All of the websites, apps and other uses of ICT that Tim demonstrated can be viewed at – a few highlights include:

Isle of tune

A range of avatar makers

Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming – MindMeister


For creating your own worlds


For online video editing

Many more can be seen at Tim’s blog. Overall an inspiring seminar, which left the delegates, excited about returning to school!

You can find out more about Tim Ryland at @timryland and also his website where you can also follow links to his blog, where some pictures of the delegates with enjoyment written all over their faces can be seen.

This blog can also be found as a guest post on the following link.

In the beginning

I struggled to start this blog and now that I have (11 words in) I hope that I will make the most of the full potential that blogging can offer. I had been debating whether or not to start a blog for some time and hopefully I have made the right choice and this blog will not only provide a place for me to reflect on my Teaching, but also provide some new ideas for everybody to try.

I am relatively new to the teaching profession but I feel that have a desire to innovate and inspire learners (staff and students) to try something new in the classroom. I strongly feel that being brave is important and taking risks with new technologies, new ideas and new ways of teaching is both beneficial to my own development and the improved attainment shown by the students.

I am passionate about using new mobile technology within the classroom to enhance the learning journey whilst also improving the engagement of all pupils. I have been trailing different ways of using my iPad during lessons for various different reasons but most importantly to encourage students to be creative. I feel that the iPad provides a vast array of opportunities for students to demonstrate learning through the use of numerous apps. Most of which require little or no writing.

I hope to share the best of these apps on this blog in the future and hopefully with the introduction of more iPads within my faculty, more pupils will be able to experience the power of the iPad and I feel that the students will come up with more good ideas that I will be able to share.

I wish to pass on ideas that can innovate and inspire others.

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