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Broadcast students’ learning live using Spreaker DJ.



Spreaker DJ app is available for iPad, iPhone or Android  devices and also available at . Spreaker transforms your device into a full-featured radio station, allowing you to mix your voice with your music library and a range of sound effects. Broadcast your lessons live or have students broadcast their learning by running their own radio station during the lessons. Students can create podcasts that could be listen to after the lesson as a form of revision or to review their learning. Students and teachers can easily share their shows via twitter, Facebook or email.  Another excellent feature is the ability to chat to the DJs during the show and could be used as an excellent way to increase the interaction between students all over the world.

Login using your Twitter account and start broadcasting today! The link below links to the show broadcast live from a lesson last week. Students were running the show themselves and came up with their own questions to ask their peers that would demonstrate and share their learning.

Mass and cooling of dinosaurs



O no Sir you’re leaving! What about the music game?

After being successful at an interview last Thursday for a new job, I thought it was best to tell my Tutor group that I will not be with them next year first hand before they found out from someone else. Understandably they were shocked, upset and concerned about the possibility of a new, unknown teacher taking on the group in Year 10.

After an onslaught of questions starting with What? Where? Why? When? One of my tutees was very concerned about the possibility of not being able to play the music game during tutor time again. After that genuinely worried response I thought I should share 9B3’s Music Game.

Using iTunes we regularly play ‘The Music Game’ with different themes and challenges. A number of ideas are detailed below. One warning, check for EXPLICIT content in songs before playing them.


1. Top Songs – Using iTunes you can view and preview the Top 200 songs on iTunes. This can be a simple competition between students to guess the artist and song title.

3. Higher or lower – Play one song from the Top 200 and then students must guess whether or not the next song is higher or lower in the charts.  2. Snip bit – Play the first 1,2 or 3 seconds of the preview so students can guess the song.

4. TV Movie/Themes – Search for TV Theme tunes compilation albums and students must guess the Movie or TV theme tune.

5. Think Fast – Play a number of songs very quickly one after each other and students must write them all down in quick succession.

6. Maths Charts – Students guess the chart position of each song that you play from the Top 200 songs, add them up and submit their answer. Closest group wins.

7. Links – Choose a theme or play a handful of songs.  Students must come up with tedious link or suggest a theme.


8. Covers – Choose a covers album from iTunes and the students need to tell you the original artist and song title. This week was Reggae Covers.

9. Humming – Courtesy of Mark Cole, @WoolyBully9. Some students listen to the song and then have to hum back the tune to their team. Points awarded to the team who guesses the most correctly. Similar to Never Mind The Buzzcocks intros round, as seen below. Hopefully your students will have more success.

These are just some of the ways we use iTunes to make Tutor Time fun with 9B3.

Please comment with any other alternatives to our Top 9 Music Game ideas.

@WordFoto app – Picture your keywords.

WordFotoScreen Shot 2013-02-15 at 21.56.16 is a great way to bring keywords from the lesson to life and allowing students and teacher to easily produce a sharable resource at the end of a lesson that will aid the recall of specific keywords learnt during that lesson. WordFoto is an app that turns your photos and words into amazing typographic works of art

WordFoto is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch but could be used on iPad. All subject areas could benefit from using this app to enhance the recall of keywords and linking them to their use within some difficult subject areas.

Some examples can be seen below of ways in which I plan to use the app within lessons. Students can choose an appropriate images from the internet or take a photo of an event, task or practical activity during the lesson to then make into a master piece later on.

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Displays come alive with Aurasma app

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 20.24.04Aurasma app is a new way to see and interact with the world. Aurasma is available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Aurasma is an augmented reality app that’s changing the way that classroom displays can come alive. Adding an effortless way to make displays more interactive and improving an otherwise unchanged way of displaying students’ work and information within the classroom. Aurasma is the only application that lets you create and share your own augmented reality. This is one of the reasons why Aurasma is such an excellent app to engage students in the learning environment. Below is one of the ways that I have used Aurasma to bring one of the Literacy posters to life in my classroom.


Using the simple tools within the app, you can create your own Auras (as above) and share them with other Aurasma users and therefore anybody with the app can view the Auras that you make. This can lead to some awesome interactive displays. If you do not wish to make your own then you can choose from thousands of digital animations already on the platform.

There are so many ways in which this app could be used in education and I would love to hear some other ways that Aurasma is being used to enrich the learning environment.

Producing iMovie trailers to demonstrate learning.

Making movies always engages students and now using iMovies pre set Movie trailer templates students find it easier and even more engaging to produce an outstanding movie trailer. iMovie allows students to easily create a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

Students can choose from 12 trailers with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers. They can also customise film studio logos, cast names and credits in outline view, add and adjust videos and photos in Storyboard view and add existing content from your library, or record new footage straight into the trailer

Students can produce a movie trailer to demonstrate their learning or share the knowledge they acquired during the lesson. The movie trailers can easily be shared with the world via YouTube from within the iMovie app.

Due to the limitations within the templates students must be concise with there information and carefully select the appropriate footage or pictures they wish to include. This avoids students sitting in front of a camera reading a passage they have copied from a book. The movie trailers are also an excellent way to introduce a topic, promote your faculty or promote an after school club.

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Students learning independently using the BrainPOP UK App

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie app is an excellent app that allows students to learn independently in a classroom environment as well as on the move.

Students can download the app on their iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and learn something new every day for free.

Students can watch a different animated movie each day, then o test their knowledge they can take an interactive quiz. This is an excellent resource for a tutor time activity as well as topical videos that may be linked to your particular subject area. The subjects Science, Humanities, English, Maths, Arts, PSHE & Citizenship, and Design & Technology. Site subscribers can log in and access all BrainPOP content directly from the app. A free trial can be obtained from

Recently I used the BrainPOP app to encourage students to learn independently from the teacher with great outcomes. Students where motivated to learn as they were in control. The element of choice motivated students to learn in a variety of ways. Students enjoyed the short animated movies and all feedback was very positive. Students felt that they learn better from using the app and that they found it easier to use than YouTube and BBC Bitesize because the way that the app was set out and the quality of the videos and quizzes. The multiple choice quizzes provide a competitive twist to AfL and all students enjoyed taking part.


Students also felt that they learnt more Keywords and the correct spelling of these important ‘Keywords’ as the videos have subtitles which helped lower ability students with their literacy along with helping them determine the important information from the video.

This can also be used an excellent way as a whole class with ‘Keyword Video Bingo’ either at the start or the end. Students write down a list of words that they expect to be in the video. While he video is playing students listen out for their keywords.This could either be used to assess their prior knowledge or AfL at the end of the lesson.

Overall an amazing resource that should be used by students of all ages and across all subject areas. Although the free trail will not last forever the pricing is very reasonable and would be well worth considering purchasing as a whole school and allowing to learn when ever they want to and using both desktop computers and mobile devices.



VideoScribe HD app – Make a creative eye catching video easily. is a new exciting way to demonstarte learning or just make a very creative eye catching video! It includes all the drawing animations to wow your colleagues, classmates or students. It is empowers you to create a superb stop motion style animations but a lot quicker and easier.

You can choose from a wide variety of pictures that can be drawn onto the canvas and also a range of text styles to choose from.
Once you have edited your VideoScribe, you may share to Camera Roll, YouTube, Facebook or Dropbox where they can then be shared with the world.

Features include:
• easy to use
• ‘lifelike’ drawing style
• scale, rotate and arrange images & text with endless possibilities
• use our growing library of hundreds of images
• import your own logos or artwork (.svg format only)
• link to Dropbox for image import, music and exporting Movies
• search the web for images to use within the app
• draw anything to any timeframe
• add a backing track from our royalty free library or add your own (.mp3 format only)
• full colour, outline, black and white and more effects
• change the paper texture & colour
• draw the movie left handed, right handed or without a hand
• get advanced by setting camera positions
• iPad2 & iPad3 only: Record your own voiceover & mix with a backing track
• submit to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox or share with the desktop version or other devices
• send to Sparkol presentations to include easily in your next presentation.

Below is my first attempt at making a video scribe and below that is one produced by students in less than 25 minutes!

Students effort below! Superb.

iPads with new Year 7 students – Comic Life App

The new Year 7 students were very much on the ball with using iPads and were very much raring to go. After successfully obtaining their Bunsen Burner Licence students were asked to create an instruction manual for using a Bunsen Burner safely in a Science laboratory.

Students used Comic Life to produce their comics and worked in small groups of 3 or 4. The students produced some amazing Comics and worked exceptionally well as a team.

The students learnt how to send work from the iPads which will be a massive help later on as this seems to be an issue with some groups. During the last 10 minutes of the lesson students and teachers are frantically trying to share work with peers and practising this skill will hopefully make the end of the lesson panic a thing of the past.

Zappar App – Augmented reality in Science

Using Zappar is like opening up another dimension where the world around you comes to life – just point your device at any Zappar powered image or object and watch video, games and 3D animation magically appear before your eyes!

I recently used the Zappar app to enhance the learning experience for Year 7 students to enhance the normal flame testing activity. When planning the lesson I was a little concerned that using the iPads at the same time as a practical would not work, but it was really successful. Students were given mystery chemicals to identify (A-F), using a flow chart to find links between flame colour and element symbols. One member of the practical group was then appointed to use the Zappar app to check the flame colour and find out which element the chemical symbol was for.

The flow chart stage could even be bypassed in the future going straight from the identification of flame colour to the Zappar app.

The poster can be viewed and downloaded here.

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