About me

Gavin has a passion for delivering outstanding and engaging lessons science lessons that use innovative teaching methods. He is an advocate for using technology to transform the learning environment and to incite creativity and curiosity within his students. As a true believer in the impact of 21st century digital learning, Gavin loves to share his students’ work with the teaching community worldwide to inspire and support others in embracing the change in teaching methods. His students develop a solid subject knowledge along side a plethora of transferable skills that are urgently needed in the rapidly changing world. Gavin is an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2013) and also an active member of the TES Science teacher panel.


  1. Hi Gavin,

    Just let you know that we have successfully included an iBeacon module as part of our Plug-n-Play Smart LED Troffers. Instead of trying to figure out where to store the iBeacon box and/or find a power source for the box, our iBeacon module is smaller enough to plug-in to the Smart LED troffers on the ceilings. Anytime you want to relocate the iBeacon module, all you need is a screwdriver to do the job. You can plug-in the iBeacon module anytime anywhere onto the Smart LED troffers within your buildings. Please contace me should you be interested in finding more about the Smart LED troffers and the iBeacon module.

    Thank you for your attention.



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