SkiPd – Differentiated professional development.

Meeting the needs of all staff members during INSET is difficult especially when it comes to digital learning. Trying not to scare off the less confident staff but also challenging the more competent staff can be a struggle but with SkiPD it is possible.

A simple idea based on the different colour ski slopes.  Originally called iPad Ski Runs, these activities were conceived to try to challenge and support all members of staff, building staff confidence and competence. Staff self selected their route and workshops were run by Staff Digital Directors ranging from iPad Basics to iBeacons, Flipped Learning and iTunes U. The workshops offered a number of activities to support the wide range of abilities and engagement levels of staff. Staff felt comfortable in accessing the workshops with other staff of the same ability.

When the staff felt confident they were happy to engage and develop their digital learning skills.



Differentiation is so important in the classroom but can’t be over looked when it comes to staff training.

iPad Ski Runs a now known as SkiPD thanks to a good friend Mat Pullen.

View my showcase presentation from the ADE Academy 2017 where SkiPD is mentioned as one of many ideas to ‘Reach the hard to reach’ and lead change in your institution.


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Teacher of Science at Clevedon School. Apple Distinguished Educator.

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