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Christmas Cookie Mystery – Science investigation

Mrs. Claus needs your help! Each Christmas, Mrs. Claus makes a batch of her special sugar cookies to give Santa all the energy he needs to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls around the world. A bad little elf has snuck into the kitchen and messed up all the special baking powders. Students need to find out the which of the powders is the cookie mix! I was given this resource at an NQT conference and thought I would share it.

Cookie Student Instructions

Cookie Teacher Instructions

Elf – PowerPoint


Centrifeud App for tutor time fun.

Screenshot 2013-12-04 21.50.48Centrifeud is a competitive multiplayer party game played on a single iPad. With easy one-button controls, players race around the arena, bouncing, blocking, and using power-ups to collect the most points.

Strap in to your spin-chariot and prepare your body and mind for the ultimate “DIGITAL CIRCLE SPORT” experience.

• four players on one iPad
• pick up and play, one-button controls
• high-definition retina graphics
• laser-bass soundtrack by Octophonix + Cyber Athlete
• eight unique power-ups
• bold minimalist styling.

This app is great for tutor time competition. Can be played individually or in small teams. A great way to get students alert in the morning and engage students during tutor time. Mirroring the iPad using Apple TV can share the screen with all members of the group. Or, mirror using Reflector to have multiple screens mirrored at the same time.

Screenshot 2013-12-04 21.57.51

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