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Huge interactive Periodic Table – Wall Display

I found an awesome Periodic Table online here, but wanted to make it big enough to be an interactive wall display. Using MindCad Tiler from the App store I have made it into a (1.5m x 1m) interactive wall display. You just need to print the multiple page PDF and arrange. Job done! An interactive wall display. Students will need to have a QR code reader installed on their mobile device to access the information. The QR code reader I would recommend is QR Reader available free on the app store.

You can download the 1.5m x 1m resource here.

Get to know your new groups through a selection of Improv Games

A selection of Improv Games to use in the first week back to get to know your students and how your groups work best. Various learning points can be built on to encourage team work, develop confidence and also collaboration between members of your group. All of these games were from @theimprovlady @rebeccastockley who’s site can be found at If some need more explanation please ask! Also you may want to change the background.

Download the presentation here . Instructions can be viewed in the notes section.

View the presentation below.

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