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O no Sir you’re leaving! What about the music game?

After being successful at an interview last Thursday for a new job, I thought it was best to tell my Tutor group that I will not be with them next year first hand before they found out from someone else. Understandably they were shocked, upset and concerned about the possibility of a new, unknown teacher taking on the group in Year 10.

After an onslaught of questions starting with What? Where? Why? When? One of my tutees was very concerned about the possibility of not being able to play the music game during tutor time again. After that genuinely worried response I thought I should share 9B3’s Music Game.

Using iTunes we regularly play ‘The Music Game’ with different themes and challenges. A number of ideas are detailed below. One warning, check for EXPLICIT content in songs before playing them.


1. Top Songs – Using iTunes you can view and preview the Top 200 songs on iTunes. This can be a simple competition between students to guess the artist and song title.

3. Higher or lower – Play one song from the Top 200 and then students must guess whether or not the next song is higher or lower in the charts.  2. Snip bit – Play the first 1,2 or 3 seconds of the preview so students can guess the song.

4. TV Movie/Themes – Search for TV Theme tunes compilation albums and students must guess the Movie or TV theme tune.

5. Think Fast – Play a number of songs very quickly one after each other and students must write them all down in quick succession.

6. Maths Charts – Students guess the chart position of each song that you play from the Top 200 songs, add them up and submit their answer. Closest group wins.

7. Links – Choose a theme or play a handful of songs.  Students must come up with tedious link or suggest a theme.


8. Covers – Choose a covers album from iTunes and the students need to tell you the original artist and song title. This week was Reggae Covers.

9. Humming – Courtesy of Mark Cole, @WoolyBully9. Some students listen to the song and then have to hum back the tune to their team. Points awarded to the team who guesses the most correctly. Similar to Never Mind The Buzzcocks intros round, as seen below. Hopefully your students will have more success.

These are just some of the ways we use iTunes to make Tutor Time fun with 9B3.

Please comment with any other alternatives to our Top 9 Music Game ideas.

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