Producing iMovie trailers to demonstrate learning.

Making movies always engages students and now using iMovies pre set Movie trailer templates students find it easier and even more engaging to produce an outstanding movie trailer. iMovie allows students to easily create a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

Students can choose from 12 trailers with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers. They can also customise film studio logos, cast names and credits in outline view, add and adjust videos and photos in Storyboard view and add existing content from your library, or record new footage straight into the trailer

Students can produce a movie trailer to demonstrate their learning or share the knowledge they acquired during the lesson. The movie trailers can easily be shared with the world via YouTube from within the iMovie app.

Due to the limitations within the templates students must be concise with there information and carefully select the appropriate footage or pictures they wish to include. This avoids students sitting in front of a camera reading a passage they have copied from a book. The movie trailers are also an excellent way to introduce a topic, promote your faculty or promote an after school club.

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  2. How are your iPads set up? Are they for general use or individual user machines? Do you have a school YouTube account that they upload to?
    You really get the feeling that the students who did this will remember these key ideas well, and filming their own practicals to illustrate these points gives it even more value. Great stuff!:)

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