Zappar App – Augmented reality in Science

Using Zappar is like opening up another dimension where the world around you comes to life – just point your device at any Zappar powered image or object and watch video, games and 3D animation magically appear before your eyes!

I recently used the Zappar app to enhance the learning experience for Year 7 students to enhance the normal flame testing activity. When planning the lesson I was a little concerned that using the iPads at the same time as a practical would not work, but it was really successful. Students were given mystery chemicals to identify (A-F), using a flow chart to find links between flame colour and element symbols. One member of the practical group was then appointed to use the Zappar app to check the flame colour and find out which element the chemical symbol was for.

The flow chart stage could even be bypassed in the future going straight from the identification of flame colour to the Zappar app.

The poster can be viewed and downloaded here.


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Teacher of Science at Clevedon School. Apple Distinguished Educator.

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