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Vernier Video Physics app for iPad.

Video Physics brings complex video analysis to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and into the hands of the students. The app allows students to take a video of any object in motion and then by marking its position frame by frame analyse the motion graphically to scale. Video Physics draws trajectory, position, and velocity graphs for the object. Videos can then be shared with Facebook, YouTube and the Camera Roll, which includes the video with markers showing the motion and also the graphs produced from the data collected. Video Physics will display the path of the ball and provide graphs of Y vs X as well as the X and Y position and velocity as a function of time.
This app is perfect for reluctant students that are not engaged in physics and allows them to use technology and see real life situations being transformed into quite complex graphical physics.
The features of  Vernier Video Physics are as follows.
• Capture a new video using the built-in camera, choose a video from your photo library, or use one of our sample videos.
• Mark the position of one object, frame by frame.
• Set the scale of the video using an object of known size.
• Optionally set coordinate system location and rotation.
• View graphs of trajectory, and x/y position and velocity.
• Export the marked video to Facebook or your Photo Library. Graphs are appended to video.
• Email the video and data for further analysis in Vernier’s Logger Pro software for OSX and Windows.
I used this app with Year 9 students last week with the help of @TESScience @asober . I have found that these students are always engaged when using iPads combined practical activity, however, some girls lack self confidence and motivation but during this lesson these two girls produced the best replication of the displacement time graph (seen below) from the whole group and were very pleased to share this with the group at the end of the lesson. The app allows all learners to access the activity and allows some students to show off their skills. The students progressed immensely during the lesson with their understanding of drawing graphs, interpreting graphs and working as a team using iPads. A very productive and pleasing lesson. The lesson plan that we used during this lesson and accompanying resources can be found at the following links. Both resources have been uploaded to the TES Resources by Alessio Bernardelli Science Subject Advisor for the TES.
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