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iMovie for iPad Calculating the speed of a water balloon

Using iMovie for iPad in a Science classroom

One of the reasons why iPads have been such a success in Science is that it offers a different way to demonstrate learning which is accessible to all students. All of the apps previously discussed on this blog has minimised writing and maximised learning, engagement and also creativity.

I recently used iMovie with a Year 9 BTEC class and asked them to work in pairs to create a short documentary of a planet within the our solar system. Students were given a brief success criteria to follow but I wanted them to be creative. All students were engaged with the task and enjoyed having the freedom to create their film. Great pride was shown by all teams to create the best short film. I feel that this was more than usual and increased pride and engagement in the task was purely down to the use of the iPads, team work element and also the sense of freedom of the task.

The iPads allowed the students to plan, shoot, edit and share their videos easily and high quality work was produced.


Make beautiful HD movies anywhere with iMovie, the fast and fun moviemaking app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Designed for the Multi-Touch screen, iMovie puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips. Browse and play projects in the Marquee view. Make a movie in minutes by adding video, photos, music and sound effects. Then give it the Hollywood treatment by adding a theme, titles and transitions. And you can share share your movie with the world – right from iMovie.

Made for Multi-Touch
• Tap to add video, photos, music, and sound effects
• Drag to trim the length of any clip
• Pinch to zoom the timeline• Slide to scrub through your project
• On iPad, pinch vertically to open the Precision Editor

Add professional polish with Themes
• Choose from a selection of eight unique themes. Each theme includes a matching set of titles and transitions — and its own soundtrack
• Instantly change themes or swap themed elements in your project
• Titles and graphics automatically update with location data from your video

Add photos, music, and sound effects• Add photos from your library, or snap a

picture and drop it into your project
• Use the automatic, face-aware Ken Burns effect, or pinch and drag to create your own
• Choose from soundtracks that match iMovie themes, or select music from your own song library
• Bring your movie to life with a choice of over 50 sound effects

Record and edit your soundtrack
• Record audio directly into the timeline
• Adjust the volume of any video clip, song, sound effect, or audio recording
• Loop music to fill your project
• On iPad, view detailed audio waveforms for every clip in your project

Share your HD movie on the web and in your home
• Publish in HD directly from iMovie to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport
• Send to the Camera Roll and share in an email, or via MMS on iPhone
• Transfer your iMovie project to your computer and compatible iOS devices.

Puppet Pals app for plenaries

I have recently been experimenting with the Puppet Pals App on the iPad. This app allows

students and teachers to create your own unique shows with animation and audio in real time!

Pick out your actors and backdrops, drag them on to the stage, and tap record. Your movements and audio will be recorded in real time for playback later.

This app is as fun as your own creativity. Your creations are only limited by your imagination.

– Create an actor from a photo
– Use a photo as a backdrop for your storytelling
– zoom and rotate your characters using two fingers
– flip them around with a double tap
– a wide variety of creative characters to download (including famous talk show hosts and politicians)
– limitless possibilities of story creations
– buy the director’s pass and receive ALL current and FUTURE content!

Educational Uses – Groups of students can create a short video that can demonstrate their learning during the lesson.Students produce a short show as part of the lesson to demonstrate learning. This short video can be viewed by all during the plenary part of the lesson and then revisited at the start of the next lesson. Videos can also be exported to the Camera Roll, Uploaded to YouTube or shared via twitter.

Appcessible – If they don’t know how to use it, they will find out!

I am someone who enjoys finding out how to do things. May be a a trait of a typical man. Throw away the instruction manual and find out yourself. I think this is something that the older generation are not particularly good at. When showing older members of my family how to do things on computers they seem amazed at how much I can do on a computer and all of this without even a GCSE in ICT but with a lot of experience in trying things out and not worrying about making mistakes.

This is one thing that the students have done very well since the introduction of the iPads at PCSA and maybe something that could be developed to involve the students teaching the teachers. Without sounding too old, students today have an excellent desire and ability to find out how to use iPads, apps or ICT.  This maybe down to the way in which apps and iPads have been developed although the ability of the students and young people to pick up iPads and other mobile devices and find out how to use them very quickly.

I have been surprised at how little guidance students require when using some apps such as PuppetPals, Comic Life and Sock Puppets. Students have been able to experiment and show their creative ability where making mistakes is part of the learning process. Producing work using the iPads provides a safe learning environment where mistakes can be corrected by simply pressing Undo or starting again.

Apple have developed a very accessible operating system on the iPad which has now been incorporated in the new OS Lion for the Mac and this shows Apples commitment to provide an accessible device for all. The video below shows how accessible the iPad is and also highlights the need of iPads in education. This child would be pretty bored with a paper version of Jack and the beanstalk and maybe an interactive copy would enrich the learning environment.

Solar Walk App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Solar Walk is an excellent app for teaching astronomy to students with outstanding visualisations, short videos, information about all the planets in the solar system and a most impressive 3D feature that can be used to enrich the learning environment. This 3D Solar System model enables you to navigate through space and time, observe all the planets in close-up, learn their trajectories, inner structure, history of their exploration, points of interest and more. Use 3D mode to get a more realistic experience and zoom out to view and spin the entire Galaxy!

I used this app recently when teaching Year 9 BTEC students about the composition of the Solar System and the some what unbelievable sizes of planets and our galaxy. Students where engaged from the start as I had chosen to project the animation of the solar system rotating slowly on the board as the pupils arrived. A darkened room and the music playing set the scene for the lesson and I was pleased and amazed by the engagement of the students throughout the lessons as this app made the lesson more accessible to all students. Students where required to research all of the different planets in the solar system and produce a scale drawing of the solar system by the end of the lesson. Some pupils struggled to finish all of the tasks however this was because the students were so engrossed in using the app and finding out more about our solar system.

I would highly recommend this app to use while teaching because of the excellent realistic visualisations and also the excellent amount of information available to students at their fingertips all in one application.

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Using Comic Life app to create user manuals

After showing Year 7 students how to use a light microscopes, I thought it would be beneficial for a group of students to be responsible for making a user manual that can be shared with their peers and also shown to the world via twitter. This demonstrated the learning that had occurred during the lesson and was a a very creative way of showing progress during the lesson.

This User manual comic can now be used by other students in the school as a reminder when using microscopes and as a aid when peer teaching other students.

Below are the images of each page produced by the Year 7 students which made up the User Manual comic.

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iPad Creative – iPad Creative Blog – 5 ways to start creating wonderful content with your new iPad

iPad Creative – iPad Creative Blog – 5 ways to start creating wonderful content with your new iPad.

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